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Question by Jenny Z: Anyone got an idea for a body painting assignment I have to do?
I have to create a character for my special effects course where I dress a model up in face and body paints and do a photo shoot,
I was set on creating a tree character with painted leaves ETC. but now Im thinking of doing something else, my tutor wants extravagant face make up like circ du soilel or something.

Anyone got any suggestions, like a zombie pageant queen, stuff like that?

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Answer by Jade
Oh shoot, I don’t know what it’s called but maybe you could google it, someone sent me an email where someone painted hands too look like animals, it was AMAZING, he did an elephant and the finger was the nose and the dry cracked skin of the hand painted grey looked just like the skin of an elephant, he also had people hold there hands in different ways to make ears of a kitty etc. etc. etc. good luck with your project!

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  1. itd be cool if you painted someone to look like a picasso when they close their eyes..

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