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Photoshop CS4 Tutorials Revealing Its Full User Potential

Okay, I admit that I have been caught falling asleep while viewing my best friends vacation photos; while I knew she had a great time, the photos simply weren’t capturing my interest. If she had only taken the time to learn how Adobe Photoshop CS4 could have taken her so-so photos and turned them into something that would have definitely kept my attention. She could have taken those ordinary photos and turned them into something extraordinary using the tools provided in Photoshop.

For a long time Photoshop was considered a software program solely for professionals; however today you can find teenagers and housewives alike tweaking and editing their photos inside Photoshop. Granted, its not the easiest program under the sun to learn yet while learning the more advanced tools you can still rely on the easier, fun tools to provide what you will need to edit and enhance your photos.

While Photoshop CS4 is chock full of tools I want to go over only a few of the most often used ones to give you an idea of exactly how powerful this program is.

Have you ever wondered how the models in magazines always look so perfect? Photoshop CS4 is every professional photographers hidden secret as it comes equipped with tools such as the warping tool that allows you to manipulate your photos and, once you have it figured out, will even allow you to add or subtract weight from your subjects, among other things. Everyone complains about how they look in photographs, now you can eliminate all the complaints with a few clicks of the mouse.

Another great tool that will make your friends happy is the smudge tool. Do people complain about your zoom shots? Close up shots are always a nightmare as every facial flaw is intensified yet with the smudge tool every imperfection is easily “airbrushed” away. Now everyone will look as if they walked off the pages of a magazine.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a photo of you in front of the Eiffel Tower? Don’t save up for the plane ticket, simply use Photoshops lasso tool. The lasso tool allows you to select a particular part of the picture, you for instance, and then remove it. Next you simply paste the object, yourself, on another background, such as behind the Eiffel Tower in France.

Wish you had a masterpiece to hang on your wall? Turn your favorite photo into a watercolor using Photoshop’s built in filters. Simply print it out on canvas and you have a museum worthy piece of art.

Worried you will forget who was standing next to you during your college graduation? Easily insert text or captions onto your photos using the text tool. Recently divorced but don’t want to toss your photos out the window? Easily remove unwanted objects and you will be able to keep all the photos, minus the unwanted objects or individuals.

The tools I have listed are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the things Photoshop CS4 can do. Once you have maneuvered your way around the program you will find hundreds of other tasks you can accomplish using this phenomenal program. Take your time and find out how you can turn your ordinary photographs into extraordinary works of art.

Discovering Photoshop CS4 tutorials online can be a nightmare, and so many people just end up giving up on what is some very expensive photo editing software, professionally produced by Adobe. The leading promoter of Photoshop CS4 training tutorials is David Peters, who even gives a full 60 day money back guarantee, if you just can’t get the gist of learning what is a complex piece of software. But you will be quite amazed at what you really can learn about Photoshop CS4 in little more than 2 hours, by viewing David Peters quality training video tutorials.

David Peters has even taken into consideration those users who have a slow Internet connection, and now offers a free worldwide back up CD, that is sent out upon request. Don’t waste any more time looking for quality Adobe Photoshop video tutorials online, and take a look at a sample David Peters Photoshop CS4 video tutorial, and you will no doubt be impressed with his simplistic approach.

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