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Q&A: green body paint (for arms and face)? – BodyPaint

Question by glamfrog8: green body paint (for arms and face)?
For my school play I have to play a witch, and the witch has to be green. I was wondering if anyone knows anywhere that i can buy green bodypaint, that won’t give be bumps, or rashes (from cheap stuff). By the way i am not allergic to anything. (this was the best category i could put this under)

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Answer by CHEWY-OOWY
you can buy body paintt at a crafts store i think. or……..smear on some………avocado mask? that’ll look cool.
if not then try a marker

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  1. Had to dye my feet purple for a part where the character had to pretend to make wine the old fashioned way. We used food coloring, basically diluted it slightly and then painted it on. Came off okay but I was tinted purple for a day or two.

  2. Go to a hunting supply store and get some green camouflage face paint that hunters use to hide them selves in the bushes. It goes on easily and washes off with soap and water.

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