3DHead Custom Paint in Knoxville, TN, 3dheadgraphics.com illustrate the lovely Nancy Lynn and Lori for the Tennessee Steelhorse Riders calendar. Tony works on the flames while KW adds the Krazy Klown out our website: www.3dheadgraphics.com for more of our automotive and motorcycle art…and for some great tattoo designs and products check out our friend, Rashan’s site: www.designstattoono1.com
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Xompany pronounced like ” company ,” has the look of tattoo without the commitment. We are airbrush specialists who make you look your best.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. железные нервы надо иметь чтоб вот так вот спокойно работать в такой обстановке)

  2. women body art isn’t for me. i would be way to nervise painting so close to her ‘areas’ really good job dude. keep it up.

  3. are those boobs fake? cause if those are real nature deal……yammy

  4. I would’ve messed up big time on that first girl. HELLAVA BODY!

  5. The 1st girl got some nice boobs. You guys are good and having a lot of fun.

  6. I cant watch the painting when these boobs are shown! ^^ anyway gr8 job

  7. This is great!!!! Kenny and Tony are the best and ya’ll made our calendar a hit with this great artwork…thanks again guys

  8. just water based acrylics for most gigs…(Badger,Createx) and then I use the high end stuff when I know there will be a lot of sweating and contact with the art. TEMPTU is the good stuff.

  9. 1: Tatoos last until you wash them off, for most types of paint.
    2: You generally need a vendors license for any type of business. But for just doing the tattoos, no special license is needed. It’s just paint, afterall.
    3: The paints are very expensive. It take 12-16oz for a full head-to-toe body paint, and a 16oz bottle is generaly 30-40$ from my experience.

  10. awsome! i really like it! thx for the vid =)
    but i have a few questions
    1. how long do these “tattoos” last?
    2. do you need a license for doing that professionally?
    3. how much do the colours cost?

    thx for replying! =) peace

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