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Question by libre: Bodypaint recipe?
Does any of you know of a bodypaint recipe that can be made out of supermarket items? Using food coloring I would assume. For dummies please!
PD: The end purpose is a party so volume recipes that don’t spoil quickly are the best.

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Answer by mr_know_it_all_12345
flour, water, And regular elmers glue… And stir it up paper.. or newspaper.. it will dry in a day. Then paint it. %¿%

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  1. I guess if you want a lot of it, you’ll have to do the math…this works great though & it’s super easy!

    Face and Body Paint

    8 tablespoons solid shortening
    4 tablespoon cornstarch
    16 to 20 drops food coloring

    1. Blend shortening and cornstarch together in a small mixing bowl until smooth.

    2. Add food coloring. Mix until the color is evenly blended.

    Have fun!

  2. Body Paint baby shampoo
    powdered tempera paints

    Add tempera paint to shampoo until desired color is reached. Great for painting designs on bodies, before getting in the pool or lake!

  3. baby shampoo
    powdered tempera paints

    add tempera paint to shampoo until desired color is reached

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