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Secrets That You Do Not Know About Airbrush Tanning

Secrets that you did not know about “airbrush tanning.”

You’ve got parties or weddings to attend to and you’re supposed
to be dressed in strapless gown; don’t you think you’ll look
pretty nice in a tan? Mostly, if you have a fair skin, you’ll
want to tan in just like those other tan freaks.

There are even many people who’ll go at any lengths just to get
the tan they’ve always wanted; walking and bathing at beaches,
spending a great deal of time on those tanning beds and spending
your money and time visiting those tanning spas and salons.
Indeed, you’ll definitely look good in a tan; most people do and
that’s why most people want them. But, there are risk that you
might get skin diseases like skin cancer from excessive exposure
from the sun or getting allergies from those chemical solutions
used in salons and spas.

No need to worry now as there are alternatives to these tanning
procedures; among such procedures is airbrush tanning.

Long ago, airbrushing is mainly used in paintings; many airbrush
artist then are dedicating their works in stimulating painting
medium or retracting paintings. It has been for years innovated
and developed, and now, airbrush arts are used not just for
paintings but for different valuable and enjoyable artworks like
t-shirt printing and designing, temporary tattooing as well as

Most airbrush artist also extend their works from plain past
time activities into something productive; meaning a sort of
business. Basically, airbrushing works with the use of an
airbrush and paints.

Different types and kinds of airbrush are now available in the
market; these varies depending on what specific artworks you’ll
employ them for. Aside from airbrush, things such as masks,
friskets, compressors, moisture trap, hose, nozzles and needles
are available; these are basically support parts for airbrush.

Among the artworks that an airbrush artist could do with an
airbrush, airbrush tanning is the most sophisticated. It even
became fashion and sort of a passion for those who loves having
an even tan for specific occasions.

If you’re an airbrush artist and would like to try the art and
techniques of airbrush tanning, there are lots of manuals and
books available in the market; they offer informations and step
by step assistance on airbrush tanning. Some of these books and
manuals offers comprehensive matters about airbrush tanning
while there are some who offers light information that you can
easily digest in.

Aside from such books, there are also magazines that
specifically deals on airbrush tanning and its arts. You can
also browse the Internet about airbrush tanning informations and
techniques; the Net even offer online training courses on
airbrush tanning.

Basically, airbrush tanning is defined as the new and safe way
of achieving a golden look; this is a procedure that involves an
airbrush used to apply a clear liquid containing
dihydroxyacetone (DHA) to the body.

DHA is an ingredient used for cosmetic applications that reacys
with the amino acids in the outer layer of the skin. This works
by interacting with the dead surface cells found in the
outermost layer of the skin; this then produces color change.
Naturally, the dead cells on your skin will wear off and its
colors gradually fades giving you a tan that is almost like a
genuine sun tan. Tanning using an airbrush tan usually lasts 5
to 10 days depending on your skin type and the lifestyle you

Many people who want to have a perfect tan nowadays opted for
airbrush tanning due to its unique sunless tanning system;
besides, having an airbrush tan will only make you wait for a
fraction of time than what it takes using the old method of
applying tanning lotions.

It also offers many benefits; you will not have to worry about
hands and feet tanning anymore, tanning application is quick and
easy, airbrush tanning takes only approximately 10 minutes,
tanning solution lasts 5 to 10 days minus the hassles of blotchy
and uneven tans, and lastly, airbrush tanning is so simple that
all you’ll need is an airbrush and a compressor and a special
tanning solution.

Airbrush tanning is indeed the thing for temporary tanning
without having too much sacrifices; you can even do your own
tanning at home.

But, just like any other cosmetic and aesthetic ways, you should
take proper care of your airbrush tan. Make sure that before you
airbrush those tanning solutions at your body, you have to take
a shower and exfoliate.

It would also be advisable that you put a small amount of basic
unscented lotion on your knees, elbows and other rough spots of
your body. Put a thick amount of lotion on your palms and nails.
In spraying the solution to your body, use the aerosol can while
spray the tanning solution on a makeup sponge and apply it to
you face like a foundation. Remember to keep the solution away
from your hairlines and eyebrows. After that, dab your body with
a dark towel lightly; don’t get dress for at least 10 minutes,
let the solution dry first. Don’t take a shower or swim for 8-10
hours after you have airbrush tanning; don’t rub your body if
you’re showering and you have an airbrush tan.

Proper care is the main key for keeping your airbrush tan even
and to make it lasts longer.

Jacquiline Maree is the resident Airbrush Tanning writer at Airbrush
Information. For the latest news, reviews and product
information on airbrush tanning, visit www.airbrushinformation

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