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Ava Dances to various songs painted in Body Paint – BodyPaint

Ava Tesla Dance music moves
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Avatar is currently the #1 movie in the world. There have been significant amount of artists,enthusiasts, body painters, YouTube makeup artists, etc that have tried to recreate the NaVi look from the film. My friends and I have been throwing around the idea of doing this for some time now… but so many people have attempted this, we didnt want to come across as common, unskilled, or be the subject of online ridicule as a result of poor work. Either way, we decided to add our drop in the bucket of fan-made Avatar creations. Teaming up with Krystal White, we decided to see how we would fare combining professional body-paint, photography, and photoshop work. Hope you enjoy this! Here is the link to the web blog and photos… www.naokigraphics.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. i really do wanna hang out with you guys
    after watching this again,


  2. @LemonWafflezz “Jake’s FIrst Flight” (I think) from the Avatar Soundtrack

  3. @michmellis it’s in the right place… look at all the production stills and the generated promo art work, the base of the ear is in line with the eye

  4. What program did you use when it looks like a room on your desktop?

  5. very very good, but the ear is in totally the wrong place 😛

  6. @reebokj18 look in the “more info” on the side, it’s all documented on my website =)

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