Body Paint is an interactive installation that allows you to paint on a virtual canvas with your own body. Akten has created a custom software programme that converts your gestures and motion into the malleable paintbox that you see in front of you.

Lovebytes / Code:Craft interactive art exhibition in Sheffield on the opening day 27 Jan 2010. “The works in this exciting exhibition, specially curated by Lovebytes in collaboration with Museums Sheffield, show how artists are exploring and exploiting computer coding to produce stunning visual art using the latest digital technologies. Far from breaking with the past, Code:Craft shows that the leading lights of the digital art world are often inspired by artistic traditions, such as Chinese watercolour painting or Abstract Expressionism. Several draw parallels between natural forms and patterns, like those which influence many craftspeople, and the new digital aesthetics emerging from code. Artists working in this area often use ‘open source’ software which is freely available to anyone with a computer. These tools for digital art are designed to make creative interactions with technology more accessible to those who aren’t computer programmers themselves. Visitors to Code:Craft can even participate in the exhibition themselves by helping to create new large-scale digital artworks with a specially-designed programme, using their whole body to paint with splashes of digital colour. There’s a special late night opening of Code:Craft on 12 Feb as part of Sonic Materialities, an evening of sound and light performances and installations at the Winter Garden and the Millennium Gallery. This event is FREE ADMISSION, open to anyone and family friendly. Code:Craft features work
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