– Follow Us! Ashley Greene will be appearing in one of the most highly anticipated magazines of the year – We’ve got the story and sneak peek at her pictorial all up next on ClevverTV. Hey guys-I’m your host Joslyn Davis- thanks for coming back to ClevverTV. Now, Kristen Stewart might be the rightful female star of the Twilight saga, but off the movie screen and in the magazine pages, Ashley Greene is serving up some heavy competition. Greene has appeared in and been on the cover of several magazines, but her upcoming pictures in Sports Illustrated’s uber, uber famous annual Swimsuit Edition will probably blow all of her other photos out of the water. In the modeling world, SI, as it’s called by insiders is the absolute ultimate. And for that reason, the ins and outs of the special issue are usually kept on super-lock-down. That’s why it’s even more exciting that we’re getting a little look at what we might see from Miss Ash when the mag hits stores. But the notoriety isn’t the only thing that will make these shots hot-Ashley will be sporting a skin suit-which basically means she actually won’t be wearing anything at all, except body paint. SI is famous for showing off these walking works of art on it’s pages in a very classy way. And from we can see Ashley’s painter is basically an artistic genius. Her photos are sponsored by SoBe-the beverage-and her skin suit was modeled after the drink with SoBE’s signature fish scales. Ashley said that being a part of the

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