Art Color Ballet is a modern dance company, established in Krakow in 1998 by dancer and choreographer Agnieszka Glinska. A vast experience of dance over many years together with her creative flare enabled her to form an extraordinary dance company which combines three elements: colour, sound and movement. The company co-operates with talented people; dancers, artists, make-up artists, musicians and photographers. The companys shows are extensive artistic performances involving modern choreography, beautiful music, bodypainting, innovative scenography solutions as well as cutting-edge lighting techniques. Art Color Ballet is a pioneer in bodypainting art in Poland.Since 2003 the company has been a member of The Association of World Bodypainting Festival, and is the only group representing Poland. Many years of experience and experimentation with bodypaint art is reflected in winning awards (2007/8 – 1st place in Fluoro Effect category)

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  1. Alright. I wanna get a tattoo there. But does it count as a tramp stamp if its words? Lol.

  2. no it didnt hurt i am 15 and i got 1 on my birthday it just feels like a bee keeps on stinging you

  3. It depends on placement and personal pain tolerance. The back of the neck or a little lower rarely hurts…But its more annoying than painful, okay dotn worry, even if it does hurt a little, its easy to tough out. Star with a smaller tattoo for your 1st. okay? You’ll be fine. It will be SOO worth it!

  4. wow baby you look great in your videos. You definitely should get a ton of ink. Just let me know what tattoos would suit you – I have some ideas for you…

  5. oh lord =/
    really bad ? like make me cry bad lol
    i want one sooo bad .

  6. @ruthlessbxtchkeke in this case I think it didn´t.
    but i got another bitch tattooed on the chest, that has hurt a lot

  7. does it hurt lower back tattoos? i want mine done, but im sooo scred. im not strong like alot of girls and im pretty skinny.

  8. that´s right. I tried to persuade her to get another tat, but nooooo….
    It had to be a stupid tramp stamp!

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