Check out these airbrush tutorials images:

airbrush tutorials
Image by Divine Tokyoska-Client List now closed!
OK…I don’t do tutorials very well…and if any of this is confusing…which I’m sure it will be because I suck at explaining myself…just ask:)

This is how I do hair^^

View original size!!! my handwriting sucks too…lol

How to do a sneaky airbrush with the Gimp
airbrush tutorials
Image by Sandy Edgar (Flickr Blog)
I know airbrushing/photoshopping images is "politically incorrect" these days but there are times when you or your model would like it done. Sometimes it’s great for a manipulation to have the "plastic" look of airbrushing but if you only want to give your model a "fresh & rested" look, this is what I’ve learnt to do.

The right side of Cara’s face is SOOC for your reference.

I started with two layers of the image. The bottom layer I’ve colourised for her eye colour. The top layer I’ve put a layer mask and used a soft brush at 10% opacity to gently bring through the new colour (you can go back and re-colourise the bottom layer if you find the colour not quite right). I then copied the top layer. The new top layer I’ve hidden and then used the heal brush on the middle layer. I find bigger, hard edged brushes smooth out the skin better but to go near sensitive areas like the eyes, nose and jawline, changing the brush to a soft edged one on a low opacity (10-30%) is better. Next I’ve brought back the top (unbrushed) layer and put it at a low opacity (20-40%). Last step is to do any last bits of touching up with the heal brush but on the top layer it’s best to keep it to a minimum as this layer is for skin texture and to hide the airbrushing on the layer below.

So there you have it. This is what I’ve learnt since starting using the Gimp and I find it an easy way to give your models a fresh look. If you have any extra tips, please add them below. For those who use Photoshop, I found a tutorial here that might be helpful.

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