Some cool airbrush tutorials images:

Dreaming of Distance
airbrush tutorials
Image by Divine Tokyoska-Client List now closed!
photoshop CS2

3 hours

playing with a few cloud tutorials I found on DA..

flames step 3
airbrush tutorials
Image by mcwont
First the parts are sprayed PPG Vibrance Orange pearl DBC basecoat using my Iwata HVLP/LPH-400 gun. Next I mixed up some PPG DBC500 Blending Clear tinted with HOK Apple Red and Violet. Adding the violet toner to HOK Apple Red helps kill the black/maroon cast. Here I’m shown blending the ends of each flame red using my Iwata Eclipse HP-BCS airbrush. However not shown is the masking that isolated each tip where they intrude on areas that remain orange. That was done using 3M green 1/8 paper tape and 3M blue 1-1/2 inch low tack tape.

dyeing textiles in the microwave “immediate lightfast washable results”
airbrush tutorials
Image by “T”eresa
this is a combination airbrush inks & household rit dyes…..
lots of tutorials on the web for microwave dyeing. variables textile content &type of dye. "vinegar" is your nontoxic inexpensive friend
GENERAL CAUTIONS [yes i learned these by error :)}
NO SYNTHETICS NO FABRIC PAINTS – BE VERY CERTAIN to leave ventilation in microwave processing container
Cleaning the Microwave of residuals

After use, wash the inside really well with warm soapy water. Peel a potato, slice thinly, cook on a piece of disposable napkin, then throw the potato away. There is just a chance that some dye molecules may have escaped, so to prevent the highly unlikely chance of them getting into your food, the cooking of raw sliced potatoes will absorb anything floating around.

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