Demoreel by Natthaphong Srisuphan Software: Maya,zBrush,BodyPaint 3D.

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  1. Thank Blue Spawn for your comment. It is very useful information. 🙂

  2. I forgot to mention: Show the UV layout for the spider. Employers want to see that you can UV unwrap properly.

  3. Great Reel! I recommend that you shorten it down to 2.5 minutes or less. Robot turnaround is too long. Put the samurai first, because he is an organic model. Organics are considered to be more “high level” than mechanical. Some wireframe shots are too short and don’t give enough time to take a proper look at Mesh layout. I recommend you get rid of the spider doing weird rotations at the very end. It’s too fancy and it feels like you’re showing off.

    Fantastic reel! Good luck with job hunting!

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