Question by Jessaca Fowler: What are some easy sexy role play ideas that don’t require props?
My boyfriend loves role playing but I’m really bad at it. I do feel comfortable around him but I’m just bad at role playing. However, I would like to get better and start off with easier scenarios and slowly delve into the other ones. I need some easy scenarios to start out with BESIDES cop/prisoner/slave etc..something that doesn’t require any props. We do a massage scenario but that’s really the only one I’m comfortable with doing at this point.

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Answer by Thomas
You are a prostitute he must pay for service

Pretended bride and groom in arraigned marriage, Great if you both change things to seem
different – he does not shave day or two – you change your hair color with a rinse out color

You are the motorist and he stops to help you and ends up bending you over the hood – do not get arrested doing this one

personal trainer you or he is training the other one

Cyber sex from one room to the next

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  1. So you’re comfortable with a massage, at least you know your situation could be worse! I believe the PERFECT answer is of course: Catwoman. Lets leave that as the ideal scenario to achieve, whichever angle you end up coming from when performing it(hostage rape by starved pussy, BF as batman bfs you, henchman training, a crime fight warm down, cat sidekick initiation, random costume fuck, any etc. including anal*) because C-woman is the sexiest(imitate any performance but Halle Berry’s.)
    Catwoman’s SOOOO perfect because her sexy appeal allows for many different approaches and styles of pulling off. Like the rest of us men, he’s been fantasizing it for years(hense “pulling off.”) The reason Catwoman’s so fucking perfect for sex’s because of MANY reasons in her history, which can give you some ideas: she’s a feline(sexy,) she’s a femme fetale(fucking sexy,) she’s had the most costumes(sexiest S&M,) she’s 8g sexy portrayals(sexies galore,) she uses a whip(sexier S&M,) she’s been portrayed as all races(affimative sex-action!) By the way, Catwoman was first portrayed wearing a green full dress with purple waist band, so naked with a purrr’s accurate, or choose from her 80 years of sexy assed outfits(including bodypaint, which is the sexiest role playing possibile way to say, “I’m naked, FUCK ME!”)

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