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Question by PicturePerfectxx: In photoshop when you airbrush a picture should you duplicate the layer first?
i’ve been looking at different tutorials and some say not to and some say to. i’ve got it down how to airbrush just not the duplicating. Im using Photoshop CS4 if you need to know that.

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Answer by P&G
You should always duplicate the background layer before you begin editing. Many users have done their edits, saved to the original file name and then decided at some point they wanted to start over and go back to the original but they can’t.

The easiest way to duplicate the background layer is:

♦ Window > Layers- to open the layers palette
♦ drag the layer labeled Background down to the bottom and drop it on top of the icon NEXT to the trash can.
♦ Now you have a copy

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  1. I’m appalled that a tutorial would tell you NOT to duplicate the original layer. Always copy the original layer. ctrl+J (or command+J for macs) is the key command for duplicating the layer you’re on.

    This way, in addition to not touching the original layer, you can click back and forth between the original and the retouched photo. That’s helpful for seeing any discrepancies in shading in the retouching.

  2. yes you always should! just incase you don’t like what you make, you can go back to the original

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