Question by : are flat chested girls such a turn off?
ok. so ill be blunt here. my body is EXACTLY like that soccer chick alex morgan. (look up alex morgan bodypaint) i have no breasts, but i do have a booty, im tan and am very fit. it was refreshing to know there is a girl with the exact same body type as me, but then i looked at the nasty comments underneath her photo.
so are boobs really a deal-breaker?? are guys incapable of being sexually attracted to a girl thats flat?

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Answer by Avi
Definitely not! Every guy’s got their own preference as to body types. Some like big boobs, others don’t care for them. But I’ve got a super flat chest here, and guys still like me. You’ve got hope!

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  1. Not a turn off, it’s a myth that the bigger the boobs the more guys like them. I prefer smaller ones myself.

  2. yes, i have aa’s and thats never stopped anyone before, some guys really like it too, your boobs wont stop growing until you’re around 21 anyway so dont worry aha, im sure you’ll find someone soon 🙂

  3. For some men it is. For some it isn’t. It’s all a matter of preference and what they are attracted to. You’ll find a guy that is right for you and likes what you have to offer.

  4. First of all it depends on the guy some guys are breast men and some like a big ass as long as your attractive and you have fat ass you shouldn’t worry

  5. Well….never heard of AM…but looked her up and she looks hot to me.

    I know 99% of most guys seem to love these blubbery, fat-aѕѕ women…for whatever reason, I have no idea, but give me a tight, firm babe any day. The fatties are disgusting.

    Fatties are icky….in my opinion.

  6. Not every guy cares about boobs i mean yes most of them do. But some guys care more about booty. Im pretty sure booty is more popular now than having big boobs.

  7. bad teeth and not taking care of your physical self is the deal-breaker for me…small boobs arent a plus or minus in my opinion

  8. No! I dated two girls who had barely any breasts and I loved them but they fell through for other reasons

  9. No, that is alluring and nice. There is the same of the good stuff in micro breasts as in large ones, so they are literally overflowing with it. Only problem is that the girls who have them are sometimes confused about it themselves, so they can be more difficult to get close to. But definitely worth a try ;o)

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