Miley Cyrus goes naked in Future's Real & True music video
According to Radar Miley 'communicates with Wenner several times a day and says the pair are dating, albeit casually'. 'She's definitely dating him,' a source told the celebrity website. 'Miley talks about how hot Theo is and how nice he's been to her.
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10 (Or So) Hilariously Bad Soft Rock Videos
Of course, John would want to head to the South of France with Mulcahy, clowns, and many hunky male dancers equipped with more body paint and banana hammocks than you've ever seen in your life to have the biggest champagne and coke orgy (in the 80s …
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Hanover couple gets estimates to prove body painting's value
After a shop owner tried to charge Bracy and his wife $ 1,200 for a superhero body painting for her, the Hanover couple argued they'd agreed to pay $ 200 with the artist. ….. Posted in Money, Business, Hot on Saturday, November 2, 2013 6:00 am. Updated …

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