Question by Emily: embarrased about my body?
i feel so ugly all the time. im a 34AAA my breasts are the same size as Alex Morgan (see alex morgan bodypaint) literally i have nothing there. guys always say you need at least a handful but i dont even have that and when i lie on my back or lift my arms my chest looks like a man. I dont want men to see my chest, ever. and when i do lose my virginity im thinking its best for both of us if i keep my shirt and bra on 🙁 i want implants or that natural breast fat transfer. i feel the american mens obsession with ‘hooters’ big jugs and knockers makes flat chested woman look and feel ugly i wish i hadnt been born looking like this. i know some men like small breasts but they mean a full A or a B i have neither…

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Answer by Sara
Well ok yea I know what you mean guys would be like “flat chest” (happens to my classmate all the time) and stuff like that. And it’s mean. But I would say maybe your body has not reached puberty or maybe your a late bloomer meaning you mature a little slowly. Also I know that if you start to gain weight some of the fat begins to get stored in your breasts. So yea maybe try to become a bit “healthier” meaning a bit more plump or just wait until your body wants to begin to develop.

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  1. its ok having small boobs. having big boobs solve nothing. im D-cup and i have lower back problems i have to wear support bras and i can’t wear cutesy clothing. Just make your boobs work and your probably still developing so give it time.

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