Question by Meghan: What’s a good sexy/slutty Halloween costume for small boobs?
I’m in college so I want to show off skin, but most of them seem designed for big boobs so I’m not even showing much…

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Answer by Kathryn Ashborn
I’d recommend anything with ruffles on the chest. There are also leather jumpsuit style costumes that are sexy but look fine with small breasts as well.

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  1. this may help to expose your small boobs as big …and it may attract all.
    Dont be shy expose what ever you have to all its your success

  2. I would suggest dressing up as something more masculine, like maybe an army uniform, football player, or a boy.

  3. This is why men objectify women; they put themselves on that platform for us.

  4. I have the same problem and find a push up bra and a short skirt really help. Some costume’s don’t require much cleavage. Last year I went as a school girl and wore a white, nearly transparent shirt that I tied off. The skirt was so short that it barely covered my bra. I wore a thong that said “treat” and I don’t think any guy really thought about my lack of boobs.

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