Question by A-Kay: Wacom Question , All u Graphics Artist plz help me out.?
Im looink to buy a wacom tablet that is not so very expencive so i am not opting to the intuos and especially not the cintiq.

My choices are MTE-450 Bamoo 4×6 and CTE-640 Graphire 6×8

Looking at both they have quite diffrent prices. NOw i want some one with experience with this hard ware (as i never used it i dun know whats good whats bad nor have any idea what diffrece Pressure levels or Lpi makes) to tell me which one is better…. 1 has more size then the other ad is bit expecive reatively. i have a Dual Monitor 2 22″ LCD(wide screen) set up . so pls advice whats best on that resolutoin 1680×1050 (single) 3360×1050 (dual)

IM a freelance Graphics artist , Heavy use of 3ds MAX, Photoshop, Bodypaint, and Zbrush, as well as realflow and other stuff.

Thank you

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Answer by Mark D
Quit being so cheap and buy the Intuos. It’s worth it. The other stuff is just rubbish. Keep your eyes peeled for a refurbished model, they’ll be very affordable — like half off of MSRP.

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  1. Yeah, as the other guy said, you’re wasting your money on any other tablet apart from an intuos at the mo. And if you can afford a dual monitor setup and all those very expensive software programs and you say you’re a graphics artist why are you even considering anything else but an Intuos.

    But that aside, I use a 6×8 Intuos 3 and it suits all my needs in Photohop, Indesign etc etc. The size of the active work surface (6×8) maps one to one with your screen resolution. So top left corner on the tablet is top left corner on your monitor and same for the other corners respectively, well for Wacoms anyway. It’ll map to whatever your screen resolution is. Also, the size of your tablet affects the usability of the tablet, as a bigger tablet will mean larger hand and arm movements, which may or may not be suitable to your working style or the job at hand.

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