Question by Btasrvor: what is the best airbrush for the buck?
I have a budget of $ 100 to $ 200, and I want to buy something professional for all kinds of work, body painting, illustration, painting on cars, as well as very finite line work. What are the best Airbrushes around? gravity feed or anything, and why? Thanks you!!!

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Answer by Jay

These are very good airbrushes.

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  1. I like the Pasche VL-3, it used to run about $ 150.00,… Try this in a search DickBlick Art supplies,..
    the VL 3,..has 3 needles, wide,medium and fine, also tips,…so it is very versatile, is double action, which is a important, if not neccessary feature….
    These are some paintings I did, useing the Pasche VL-3 (the pickup truck, and some of the others ,I use both ,the air brush, and regular brushes)
    from Garry

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