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hot young body painted bodies at Milpitas fashion swimsuit show on June 10 2012 pasties.

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  1. When little mermaid came out i woulda said she has crabs lmfao


  3. I never thought Pocahontas was all that hot until now. Dear lord.

  4. Cinderella’s fake boobies look sooo painful and gross…

  5. Great video. Cinderella is absolutely gorgeous with those big tits like

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  8. How were they “terrible” they were beautiful, that’s all a model needs to

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  14. *Painted on bikinis*

    I mean, if you like that sort of thing. #nsfw 

  15. They just all around need Different Models. these ones sucked

  16. why african american s in crowd never see homies at beaches

  17. Wow, Whom ever did this body paint need some work. they are okay but i have
    seen better n the 3rd girl that goes on Does NOT look happy to be there.
    her facial expression is very negative.

  18. Note to videographers… Learn to keep subjects in focus… and model #3’s
    make-up was horrible, who did those eyelashes? Gawdy at best.

  19. I thought it was OK. If you can´t say anything nice ,don´t say anything at
    all. Maybe not very professional but they seemed to be enjoying it and all
    did their best.

  20. This is horrible! I’m a body painter and I can honestly say that the
    paintwork here is very amateurish and simple. The use of painted drop
    shadows, airbrushed highlights and skilled texturing could render a more
    realistic end product. And why did nobody tell the models that you don’t
    “model stomp” the runway when you’re body painted? Whoever did this did it
    for lascivious reasons and this show turned into a painted burlesque show.
    Well, I’m sure the guys were happy with all the jiggling T&A!

  21. The first girl had a great suit, I praise the artist. The model wears that
    suit good.

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