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11 Things to Grab Your Attention This Weekend – BodyPaint

11 Things to Grab Your Attention This Weekend
Discover the history and significance of henna body painting with a special Chantique henna painting workshop for women. Sounds … Drive for less than an hour from the big smoke to see draught horses ploughing the fields, vintage machinery running up …
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Dancing to a new step
Body painting in dancing was also introduced for the first time on this show. With these shows, dance reality has … Several also got an opportunity to act in UTV Motion Pictures' dance-based movie, 'ABCD: Anybody Can Dance'. Other ex-contestants have …
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'Everything is great with them', claims source close to Will and Jada Pinkett
Last Wednesday potentially damaging photos were published in Star magazine showing actor Will Smith cavorting with his lingerie-clad Focus co-star Margot Robbie in a photo booth. However, it has been claimed there are no problems in Will's marriage to …
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