NIXEM, the RUNWAY DIRECTOR & BODY PAINTER of RUNWAY CONCEPTS with his RUNWAY artisans undertook the first ever complete RUNWAY BODY-PAINT show in Singapore for KNIGHTSBRIDGE, Park Hotel Group. NIXEM, choreographed the show & at helm in the body painting process where the looks were designed with whimsical theme of the effervescent aristocratic antics. 8 Models were body-painted in Aristocratic Chic theme complete with avant garde make-up & hair styling where RUNWAY CONCEPTS artisans took less than 6 hours to complete ….not forgetting that the whole entourage had to shift to the event venue at White Rabbit that lost precious time…. and everyone scrambled to finish up the look considering a pigeon hole backstage with dim lights to boot!… The whole entourage given a frantic time schedule somehow managed to morph the models… and had squeezed whatever remaining time to transform ourselves into princes & princesses for the talk of the town’s event. Fantabulous jobs to the Runway artisans.

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