Black Female Tattoo Artists

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Having been a black tattoo artist myself, I have always had a special liking for black female tattoo artists. They are unique, rare and hard to come by, but each time I see one of them, I am reminded that all treasures are beautiful and rare. Since my early years as a tattoo artist, I have been impressed, inspired and influenced by some of the most beautiful black female tattoo artists and their work of art has always made me believe that they have a unique sense of beauty and finesse. In a profession dominated widely by the white male community,some of these artists have stamped their authority despite the double discrimination of color and gender. I dearly hope that this would be an inspiration for other aspiring young female tattoo artists especially those from the black community because, having seen their work, I am convinced that this is a treasure, too precious to lose. So we have put together a little collection of the most beautiful, artistic and inspiring black female tattoo artists who
have made their mark not only on the bodies of tattoo enthusiasts but on the African American community as a whole.

Ethel Laka

Hailing from Benoni in South Africa, Ethel is part of a rare breed of female tattoo artists in her country and in the 8 years that she has been tattooing, she has formed a strong client base, all of whom think she is the best at what she does. After spending her early years under Kevin Brown, a tattoo artist from Johannesburg, Ethel now
works at Anime Mundi. She loves to express herself artistically and she wishes to tattoo her whole body.

Niko Johnson

Having discovered her passion for tattooing at the tender age of 16, Niko has risen in the ranks of black female tattoo artists in the last 5 years. She tries to be her best in all endeavors and she also puts her talents to good use by supporting a cause each year. She resides in Washington D.C and also does event design apart from tattooing.

Lady Redz

With skills ranging from tattooing to graphic design, Lady Redz is a an award winning artist from Maryland who co-owns X-Dream X-Pressionz Tattoo and Custom Airbrush Studio. With a warm and welcoming
personality, Redz believes that tattooing is a spiritual covenant and hence refrains from doing RIP, skulls, demons or Gods she believes to be false. Along with her long time friend Rae, Redz has seen great success in her tattooing profession.


Propelled by her ambition and dedication, Genghis is a well rounded artist from San Diego, who loves challenges. She became a tattoo artist in the spring of 2007 and since then there has been no looking back. She loves her profession and wishes to make her mark by tattooing like no one ever has.

Dutchess Lattimore

Not only is she a Tattoo artist she

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