The 99-Cents Only Stores are your Valentine Headquarters where you can buy great values for your sweetheart and say “I love you” while you save. Among the special items are a chocolate rose at 99.99-cents that sells for .99 elsewhere, and a box of 15 Queen Anne chocolate covered cherries for 99.99-cents that you might pay for elsewhere. Get your mylar balloons and party supplies here. There are Valentine glass picture frames that are about 90% off regular retail prices, and Valentine gift bags and gift wrap that are only a fraction of the original prices on the original tags and wrapping. For a special Valentine get the chocolate and strawberry edible body paint and there is also a stencil kit set available that lets you paint the chocolate and strawberry flavors into designs that say “Love” and “Kiss Me” and you’ll know what to do. You’ll also find at the 99-Cents Only Stores boxes of 32 Valentines that are perfect for school, even Valentine cards that have a small bottle of perfume. 888-LUCKY-99
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Cool bodypaint artist showing off and women’s custom pendants from Tattooed Steel. Body Painting in Las Vegas at the Tattooed Steel booth. Buy womens custom pendants and cool artist jewelry from Tattooed Steel.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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