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Hyundai Dept Store Body Painting – BodyPaint

So I did a mini trip to this store called Kryolan that’s located like 20 mins away from my house and OMG! Their products are amazing! Im going to be going ba…
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  1. um….. i dont think its water based…. i mean when i wash it off with
    soap and water yeah it come off but as for going in water havnt tried it
    yet….let me test it out when i get a chance and ill upload a video for ya

  2. to save time with the video cuz my computer blows…..i tried the whole
    water test and it was a negatory! the body paint i have is not water proof.
    you might want to look into waterproof paint online or something through
    google. Hope this helps.

  3. Hey, i know this is water based but…is it waterproof as well? Because im
    going to a cosplay beach event this summer and im planning on cosplaying as
    Citra from far cry 3 and i wanted to be able to draw the tattoos. It would
    suck to go in the water and see reddish paint just coming right off >.>
    Cool review by the way 😀

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