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‘Avatar’ depicts classic tale of love knowing no boundaries

A mega blockbuster, so far grossing more than billion, ‘Avatar’ is the result of the imagination by a visionary named James Cameron which took 15 years in the making. The world-renowned and critically acclaimed, Oscar-winning director had to wait for the technology to catch up with him to be able to continue working on his revolutionary, game-changing movie masterpiece.

‘Avatar’ boasts computer graphic integration unlike any movie out there. Cameron envisioned that a computer-generated character will be simulated into an almost-life like form which tricks the mind to thinking that those characters are real actors that wear a costume or bodypaint or something like that.

And delivered he did. Cameron has commanded a lot of movie-goers in seeing this film, some even multiple times and some opting to see the film in both regular screen and 3D. ‘Avatar’ clearly boosted the industry of 3D cinemas. One of the main reasons why the film has grossed so high so quickly is because it was driven by the sales from the 3D format which has higher cost than the regular format. The high demand from movie-goers to watch blockbuster films on 3D has clearly given ‘Avatar’ an advantage to a runaway box-office success. 

James Cameron always delivers what the studio is expected of him and with his credentials, nobody can doubt that he is the hottest director now. He is clearly amongst the all-time greats along side Steven Spielberg. Cameron is the only director that has two films that reached the billion mark.

The other film by Cameron, and the only film that has grossed more than ‘Avatar’, is the uber-popular ‘Titanic’. Yes, he is the same guy who directed the all-time highest grossing film. But ‘Avatar’ at .6 billion so far I bet would not be a surprise if it surpasses ‘Titanic’.

Both films are a grand exploration of how filmmaking has evolved overtime. But apart from these two being over 2 hours long, both films also have one other thing in common: love knows not to discriminate.

In ‘Titanic’, Cameron showed that there are no rich or poor when it comes to finding your true love. Money does not matter to those who love.

In ‘Avatar’, although the main theme is more of call for all of us to be more aware of our environment and what we do to it, there is a subplot to the story too which was that love can happen no matter how different you may be from each other.

A lot of movies have already emphasized that love can happen to anyone. And if you just look harder, you will eventually find it, sometimes you don’t even have to look very far. The great thing about ‘Avatar’ is that it had a very strong message but successfully maintains its grasp on people’s interest in the film.

The romantic subplot of the film clearly did not overshadow the main message of the film but it did not also fail getting the message across however subtle. Imagine if a man falls in love with a tigress and the man decides that for what ever way, he will transform himself to a tiger just to be with that tigress he fell in love with. Now how romantic is that? That was what the main character of the film did in the end.

It is simply telling us that if you love someone so much, you would do almost anything and everything. Love can make you invincible and can make you do things that you never imagined yourself do. It is that powerful drive of a person to do something so out of the ordinary that proves that love can conquer anything. It can make us do things beyond the stars and the universe.

Yes, ‘Avatar’ indeed tells a story of love, of hope that any one of us can find true love and happiness but in order for us to get there, we all need to take a leap of faith. But hey, since Valentine’s Day is nearing, maybe you could start looking now for that special someone and invite him/her to watch ‘Avatar’, or you can just start with sending a Valentine card. The ball is in your court, mate. You just have to figure out how to play the game yourself.

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