Question by Frankthetank: Is It legal to be almost nude in public?
Can a girl wear a really small bikini? What about just little circles covering privates? What about just bodypaint? Are any of these legal in the U.S?

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Answer by Victoria R
As long as the nipples and other privet parts are covered its fine.

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  1. As long as all your private parts are covered, it is legal. However, stores can turn you away if they choose.

    In some places it is legal for you to be topless.

  2. It comes down to local laws and if somebody complains. A complaint would get the police involved.

  3. It all depends upon what city and state you’re in. Some places have no laws against being topless. Other places do.

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  5. Could you tell us almost where in the U.S? I’d think it’d be a matter of very local, on the spot, interpretation. Many cops would probably prefer to pretend they didn’t see you, so they wouldn’t have to waste their time, but in a sleepy little town where you’d be the biggest news in a month it might be different.

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