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Question by Emily: really embarrasing physical feature?
i feel so ugly all the time. im a 34AAA my breasts are the same size as Alex Morgan (see alex morgan bodypaint) literally i have nothing there. guys always say you need at least a handful but i dont even have that and when i lie on my back or lift my arms my chest looks like a man. I dont want men to see my chest, ever. and when i do lose my virginity im thinking its best for both of us if i keep my shirt and bra on 🙁 i want implants or that natural breast fat transfer. i feel the american mens obsession with ‘hooters’ big jugs and knockers makes flat chested woman look and feel ugly i wish i hadnt been born looking like this
ps i know some men prefer ‘smaller breasts’ but when they say that they mean a B cup or a full A which i dont have

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Answer by Patrick
The guys that say that are douchebags. The guys worth pursuing are guys that appreciate your love and faithfulness, not the size of your chest.

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  1. Gwen Stephani is beautiful and also small on top, all sorts of men love her. Size is not really such a big deal. If it matters so much to you then try and gain a little weight. Not enough to get fat but just enough that curves will kick in. I was totally flat until I gained 15 lbs. My jeans were a size 8 but my breasts grew into a c cup.

  2. on the bright side, your nipples are really emphasized when you have small breasts. nipples are my favorite thing; who cares about the rest of the breast?!

    you’ll find someone who appreciates you for who you are. Your body is an amazing thing, and you can choose someone who deserves it, who doesn’t take it for granted!

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