Bodypainting I was hired to do for DragonCon 2008 – Character Witchblade

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  1. This is the hottest Witch Blade ever. The paint job is amazing but damn she is HAWT!!!

  2. Dragon con was prbly one of the best times I have ever had. Got a picture with this girl awesome paint job…..

  3. Wow that’s amazing work man !!!
    I was just wandering the body paint it’s “water proof” and if it is how long it teaks to get that stuff of ? I hope you don’t need to use solvents on your sensible parts ; )

  4. for those who say that some people need to grow up, most of us are grown up but we go here to escape being grown up just for a little while and act like little kids

  5. very wonderful I like it ^-^ and no im not a pervert -.- I just think the human body is art not for perverted minds -.- 5/5

  6. I saw her last year, too! I got a picture of her over by where Yancy Butler was sitting, then my boyfriend and I went over and asked Ms. Butler what she though (since she played Witchblade in the TV series). She said she thought it was very well done and looked nice.

    It was a great paint job 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  7. What a great body & face….i’m glad she’s sharing it with the world.

  8. I was there at DragonCon last year. She looked incredible in person.

  9. One lucky man, and she certainly looks like she enjoyed him touching every part of her naked body.

    Wonderful tits, btw.

  10. Wow! Wonderful! You should introduce this to Jean Paul Gaultier as Swimsuit 2009!

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