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I do not own any of the music in this video. The artist is Coldplay (Tiesto Remix) and the song is Paradise Find me on Facebook:…

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  1. Absolutely fabulous. I could only dream of being that creative! I’d love to
    be painted too

  2. #Body #painting Collaboration Lawren Alice & N. Kudashkina

  3. Check out this amazing body painting by Lawren Alice & N. Kudashkina.

  4. Me and Natasha Kudashkina’s #bodypaint collaboration #video has reached
    over 18,000 views! Check it out!

  5. Trust in the Lord JESUS CHRIST with all your heart and lean not on your own
    understanding. Trust JESUS CHRIST, make Him the Lord of your life !

  6. this piece is done by two different people, we both use variety of
    brands…If you do research the best and most popular brands will come up
    🙂 Then it is just the matter of what you like.

  7. The most awesome and beautiful thing I have seen in months!

  8. Absolutely stunning, so intricate and just beautiful, I’m such a fan of
    your work x

  9. You are verty talented and this is great for the holidays…

  10. I swear she has the prettiest, most perfect eyes ever!

  11. I was going toooooooo and then I didddnnnnttt!! Which is crazy because I
    even have a tshirt with a mustache on it. I dont know why I didnt :/

  12. You Are So Freaking TALENTED! Really you have been gifted, from the first
    time I watched a bh cosmetics video with you I found your channel and
    subbed! You Are AWESOME!!

  13. This is amazing! btw..Where did you get the black big brush?

  14. you are so incredibly stunning, it is……incredible. hahah 🙂

  15. I am watching all your videos today lol I’m in love with a your videos your
    so talented!!

  16. As I was watching you do the open mouth I am just amazed. Like who would
    have thought to do it like that. And I love your attention to detail.

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