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Question by Adèle Vaillant: How do you airbrush a photograph in Adobe Photoshop CS3?
I have owned this version of Photoshop for a while, but am wondering how to airbrush a photograph. If anyone has a link to a really good tutorial, it would be very helpful; I haven’t been able to find any. If you could advise me yourself, it would also be helpful.

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Answer by KWALLA
I have found that one tool that helps me a lot in smoothing away unsightly blemishes or other attributes, is the healing brush tool. You will see a tool bar on the left side, and in that tool bar there should be an icon in the shape of a bandaid. Right click on it, and make sure it is on the tool that says healing brush. You will see like a circle with a cross in the middle…you click on the part that looks good, say a piece of clear skin, and then press alt while you are holding down the mouse. Then you move it over the pimple or whatever you want to hide by just clicking (no alt key) and then it will be gone. If this does not turn out the way you want it to, you can always go the the history and go back to your last step, or press control Z. Other good tools are the Dodge tool and the burn tool. These are also located on the tool bar, and I believe the symbol is kind of like a line connected to some sort of ball. You can right click on that as well to get the tool you desire. The dodge tool makes things lighter and brighter, which could help if you have a dark pimple or something else you don’t want people to see. The Burn tool makes things look darker, which could help if you are carrying a little extra weight and want to create shadows to give off the illusion of being skinnier than you actually are. For both of these tools you just click and the area you click on will become either lighter or darker. I also love the Light balance tool, the Color balance tool, and the hue and saturation tool. To get to the light balance you click control then L and a box will pop up, and then you just adjust the light levels, and can make the lights lighter or the darks darker or whatever…it is really great. The color balance tool is control then B. This will make your colors more rich and vibrant, but jsut beware because these colors affect the whole picture. The hue and saturation tool is great if you want to make a picture super trippy and cool colors. To get to this tool press control U. ENJOY and I hope this helped.

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