Question by Jaco♥: where can i buy ( IN STORES ) henna body paint or airbrush body paint?
Okay i have the airbrush system i just need henna body paint or airbrush body paint. and i don’t want to buy anything online only in stores. soo please tell me i really need some!!!!!!!!!

P.S i only want it for tattoos so can no one say “u need ur skin to breath” or “I know someone who…” and even “It ruins your skin!”
oo and can u send me a link please on the website b/c i need to see what it looks like! Thanks !!!!!

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Answer by Gabby
Wal-mart, Target

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  1. where do you live? If you want, Halal markets always have henna so if you want to google one near you in ur city n go their ur are most likely to find one. Also, they have them in indian stores n they call it Mehndi..something like that

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