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Incredible body paint illusions from Japanese artist – BodyPaint

Incredible body paint illusions from Japanese artist

Subscribe here: http://bit.ly/ODNsubs Hikaru Cho has become an internet sensation after her incredible art work, creating illusions and stop motion videos by…
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A sexy girl in bodypaint walking in public.

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  1. wow talented and intelligent, nice! I bet that woman is 200 years old and
    we’d never know..just saying!

  2. Damn she is talented I wonder how long that stuff takes to paint.

  3. damn her ass looks real nice for her body size! I would love to….nvm lol

  4. is it me or there are awhole lot of old folks in the city

  5. damn, that may be the sexiest lady I’ve ever seen.

  6. If any boy is wondering her name is Susana Spears. She’s a nude model.

  7. This whore was looking good until she did it to those kids.

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