Body paint of very sexy girls in World Cup! Watch many times [Enjoy soccer]

This is a art festival! Systemic body painting of a beautiful woman I wonder if even watch the World Cup tournament in Brazil. If men would want to do all me…

Get any girl in 5 seconds:
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  1. I came for the body painting…. then sadly realized that its just a bunch
    of sluts with fingerpaint ^^; oh well.

  2. why there is cartoon asian girls in there i do not know thats just weird

  3. Who are the 2 girls at 1:22… blue jersey paint and yellow jersey paint. .

  4. Why is most modal Asian not trying to be racist but was all the pics taken
    in asia

  5. have to say also that the people leaving comments are VERY judgmental >< leave them along the prob got alot of money for that and i think most of them looked hot especially a woman in a Brazil shirt somewhere in it. Plus EVERYONE is beautiful if you look noon is ugly. (guess im gonna get some comments saying easy for me to say or some shit)

  6. I bet they keep crying because don’t have a boyfriend. Fuck bitches.
    Literally, cuz is all they are worthy

  7. omg i would love to atleast take any of those oout for a dinner but i know
    i am was below what they would want.. :'(

  8. 1:54 No podía faltar el degenerado enfermo sexual, que según discretamente
    la sigue y nadie se da cuenta, mientras se hace una paja mental.

  9. I really want to say now … What the fuck is wrong with these People :S

    #wtf #wtfvideo #wtfiswrongwiththesepeople 

  10. Slow down the vid for goodness sakes, so we can see the expressions. Silly

  11. First of all, I think im in love. Second thing, whats the name of the song?

  12. Stupid fuckin dumbass lying shit. Anything to get views.

  13. Wow, sooo many people noticed her and this video was edited cleverly to not
    show all the people looking at her as she passed by. Would have been better
    if we saw those people’s expressions which would be the whole point of all
    this right?

  14. Háganlo en la Ciudad de México y veran como ahi si se dan cuenta.

  15. De nada sirve verla caminar en cámara rápida.. ya que no se puede observar
    muy bien la reacción de las personas, fue lo único que no me gustó del
    vídeo el resto está muy bien SÚPER BIEN !!!! Jajajj

  16. el tipo de la camisa blanca y chamarra salio en gran parte del video,

  17. all ya against this naked thing are dumb as hell. Everyone are born naked,
    society just want us to wear clothes so that we ‘fit in’. If you have a
    body show it, dont try to cover it up.

  18. Faut vraiment que je sorte plus souvent à Lille

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