Playing with fire Local artist belly dances and 'spins' fire on Thursday nights
“I have two wands – one that's lit, one that isn't,” said Caridad Rivera. “I put the lit one in my mouth and instead of completely smothering the flame and cutting the oxygen off, I trap the fumes with my mouth and then exhale the flame to light the …
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Krayzee Sue, a Creative Women Bodies Painter
Windhoek — Namibian visual artist and body painter, Sunya "Krayzee Sue" Beukes is planning on hosting her first solo exhibition of women body paintings soon. Krayzee Sue says she is only waiting for the ultimate inspiration to kick start her exhibition.

Stall holder now running the show
Six weeks ago Jakkii Goody, of Napier, swapped from being a stall holder to running the Great New Zealand Craft Show, which is on this weekend in Dunedin. The face and body painter, who has her own brand of face and body paints and was the vendor …
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