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World Bodypainting Festival 2014, Highlight English Version – BodyPaint

Review from the World Bodypainting Festival, 2014 in Austria (English Version) WBF, the worlds most colourful event. Thousands visitors admire the World Cham…

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  1. The video review from the WBF 2014 is published. Our video crew has
    surpassed themselves. Amazing shots from the air and the ground, powerful
    slow motion pictures and high emotional winner images were composed into
    the 15 minutes review. Many thanks to the wonderful participants and the
    entire festival crew. http://www.bodypainting-festival.com

    #worldbodypainting #wbf #world_bodypainting #worldbodypaintingfestival2014

  2. Scott Fray…who is this worst guy…his model is nothing to do with body
    paint! It is a fake and a bad idea for the festival! Who is paid him??
    UUUhh ..he is from America…sorry the world order….it sucks…the
    western show sucks! Lock in the face from the model! No creative…no art
    and no harmony….SHAME

  3. Fabulous! Entertaining and astounding with equal measure! It was an honor
    working with Scott Fray and Madelyn! I love the scene with me lifting
    Ashley Breaux out of the globe. I’ve modeled internationally for years and
    I was star struck! Bravo to all involved!! :-)

  4. the best fest. that gets even better every year. ;)

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