What It's Like To Be A Benchwarmer
I can't help but wanna be there for the bigness: big plays and big coaches yelling and big stadiums and big fat fans painted in body paint and cheerleaders with big tits and all of it. Football is a giant flytrap of BIGNESS. People love events and …
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Burning Man Festival Gets Rained Off: World Mourns
"Now I'm stuck in the mobile home talking to the people I've travelled with which is not at all why I'm here. I should be hoofing blow off two Nebraskan arts students' tits by now," Aditya Bhattacharya, a programmer who works at a venture-funded …
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Protesters shed shirts and march down Central to demand topless equality for
People covered their breasts with everything from body paint and Band-Aids to duct-taped Xs and heart pasties. The male protesters were encouraged to cover their nipples as well in solidarity or even to wear shirts, to represent the behavior women are …
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Artistic critique of Greg Land and Milo Manara Spider-Woman covers
Thankfully the Tumblr page Less Tits N' Ass, More Kickin' Ass stepped up to fix the two artist's wrongs and to highlight exactly whats wrong anatomically with their cover pages, as well as pointing out the blatant sexism. So let's take a look at what …
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