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Body-painted beauties at World Cup 2010

FIFA World Cup, the most-watched sport event on planet, has recently taken place in South Africa. It’s really one of the most memorial gatherings not only among famous players all over the world but among hot female beauties of their National Teams as well. While body-painting art has recently become the most favorable trend, hot girls use such an impressive art as the way of body make-up. Body-painted females have been burning the air at World Cup 2010 thanks to their sexy and stylish appearances. The involvement of those hot girls has contributed to the success of the world’s most prestigious soccer tournament. Here are the most impressive photo shoots of body-painted beauties at FIFA World Cup 2010.


Argentina National Football Team


Brazil National Football Team


Italy National Football Team


England National Football Team


Japan National Football Team


Switzerland National Football Team


Germany National Football Team


Mexico National Football Team


Portugal National Football Team


United States National Football Team



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