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by Anna Fischer

Which Swimming Outfit Would Suit Your Shape?

Every woman wants to look sensational on the beach. But before you can get there and enjoy the sand and sea, it’s important to pick the right outfit to wear. Some women will go straight for the bikini, whereas others will stick to the more traditional swimming costume. But there are other choices to consider as well, and it is worth thinking about all of them so you can ensure you choose the right outfit to make you feel confident and shapely.

Bikinis are popular among many women, but you need to be fairly slim to feel confident about wearing one. Make sure you choose a top that will give you the right amount of support you need as well. Swimming costumes are ideal if you prefer a one piece solution that covers up a bit more. Some women opt for this if they want to ensure they don’t get burned by the sun. Not everyone is used to stripping off at every opportunity on holiday to get as brown as they can.

It’s common enough to assume these are the only options. But this isn’t true. For example if you feel self conscious about your tummy and would like to look a little thinner on holiday, try one of the popular shapewear options. These look like any normal swimming costume but they have hidden support inside that flattens your tummy considerably. Even though the costume makes this a reality it is still incredibly comfortable to wear.

Of course regardless of what you wear you may still want the option of another layer on occasion. Sarongs are perfect for this as they can be tied simply around the waist to provide a simple skirt to wear. Alternatively you can drape them over your shoulders if you have just had a swim and you are feeling a little chilly. The versatility and elegance of a sarong makes it an ideal item to pack into any suitcase.

There are more modern options to consider too though, such as the tankini. This is a cross between a swimming costume and a bikini. It provides you with a two piece outfit to wear to the beach but it enables you to cover up more than you could in a bikini. As such, it tends to be a good option for more self conscious women because of the options it gives them.

Some women find it so hard to choose between the two that they end up buying more than one item. Bikinis might be ideal for sunbathing, whereas a nice swim may feel better in a tankini. Whatever you choose, remember the ultimate requirement is to feel good in your swimwear. If you do you will enjoy every minute you spend on the beach this summer. Who says you have to restrict yourself to just one type of attire when there are so many delightful options to choose from?

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