Renata is a women made of all gold. This Body-paint has covered her from Top to Toe, even her hair was painted. It truly makes her look a million dollars, an…

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  1. very nice 🙂
    i bet C-3PO would just fall in love :)

  2. 3:23 это вобще нормально для ютюба!?

  3. wow! this is truly art, must have taken a lot of effort, kudos.

  4. wow !!!!!! sexy !!! my penis is very hard, and ,….uuiiiiiiiii

  5. Красивое тело под цветом стали. Очень сексуальна!

  6. Very impressive! Would you mind telling me which product/mixing agent you
    used? This is the best I’ve seen online.


  7. Dear bodypaint, please invest in a 4k camera. I will gladly donate some
    money if needed ;D

  8. 720p HD? I’m pretty sure this was shot in plain old SD-video… but she’s
    no less shiny or sexy for that.

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