Question by james b: Help with airbrush painting?
Yesterday I started my first painting by airbrush to paint my plastic model ( military battleship) ,when I finished painting the hull of the ship & waited the paint to dry ,I noticed that there was paint’s dust on the hull& when I wipe the hull with my finger there was color’s dust on my finger ,is that normal ? or did I do something wrong?
although I did every thing mentioned on the airbrush manual & every experienced one I asked , I thinned a little bit the tamiya paint (acrylic paint), keep distance from the object (10-15 cm) , multi coating painting & I turned the trigger of the airbrush counter clockwise to widen the painting.

Finally I needed to brush the hull with soft brush & tissue to clean the body hull of the ship from the dust.

So what is that normal ? or did I do something wrong?

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Answer by railbuff
Try a new bottle of paint.
Do not shake acrylic paint. Stir it.
If your cleaning process resolved your problem, you are lucky!

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  1. Dust from airbrushing is USUALLY because the airbrush pressure is too high (or there is too much thinner)… the paint is partially drying BEFORE it hits the hull !!

    Turn down the pressure on your compressor (or the canned air)… and test a few cm closer (though your distances is about right).

    I had the same problem with the USS Enterprise (CV-65) in 1/350 scale a few years back… ALWAYS test on a piece of scrap before painting.


  2. Yep, probably your pressure. Testing on scrap is a good idea and don’t be in a hurry. Tamiya acrylics usually need about 20-25psi. If your compressor doesn’t have a pressure regulator then you need one(try Sears). Thin with rubbing alcohol to the consistancy of milk. Here’s a good site for more info:

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