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Goa packages: Goa holiday is like a seductive maiden; erotic and romantic

One Goa trip, some say, is enough to breathe life even to a dead man. The saying is true to an extent as it does wonders to the mind & health of a person who feels depressed, lost and burdened by his unexciting mundane life. Goa holiday is meant to drive away your anxieties and daily life’s chaos and offer you a stroll in a world that is a far cry from the mundane surroundings of your hectic city.

A small corner in South-western India, Goa is a state that’s known for its festivities and full-of-life attitude. While the youths often prefer to take a Goa trip in order to spend freakily awesome time on the seductive sea beaches, it is a perfect place for those wearied souls who have forgotten to smile or laugh amidst the rigors of their grueling schedules.

Life in Goa beaches: The beaches in Goa count amongst the top ones in the world. Nowhere in India would you find such exotic and delightful beaches except perhaps in the Andaman Islands whose beauty we shall capture in some other article.  

Goa trip is sought chiefly for its enamoring beaches which have all the essential ingredients to mesmerize your heart and soul. There are a number of beaches which are extremely sandy and breezy (bless the cluster of towering palm trees for the peace-evoking charm) while the mischievous sea is as flirtatious as a young beautiful maiden. Like a lady in her youthful prime, the sea shall seduce you subtly approaching you silently, kissing your feet and then drawing away with hurried steps. Titillating and becharming! A perfect getaway for honeymooners and couples (both young and old)!

Sipping over a single coconut shell with two straws can be utterly romantic with the cool, watery breeze caressing the face and flirting with the hairs. And then there are a number of sports that the waters of Goa have to offer. Swimming, splashing, bathing, surfing, boating- the possibilities are immense!

Life outside Goa beaches: A Goa holiday or a Goa trip is sought not merely for the heavenly beaches but also for the historic villages that are encrusted with centuries-old churches, cathedrals, graveyards and monuments. The sky-kissing forts and museums are bathed in history and offer numerous exploration possibilities. The waterfalls cascade down from great heights while the verdant forests are rich in flora and fauna. Lakes, wildlife, markets, malls, restaurants, hotels, resorts, spas, casinos, churches and loving people- these are all inescapable elements of Goa packages. Feel it, breathe it, and experience it!

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