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Naked Girl Walks Around NYC Naked ( Painted on T-Shirt ) – BodyPaint

Naked Girl Walks Around NYC With No Bras ( Painted on T-Shirt ) Subscribe for more pranks !! : http://www.youtube.com/user/FakePrank?sub_confirmation= WATCH …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Naked girl with nice booty ass wearing just a thong walk through city. Crazy!!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Anyone know her name?
    I need it for educational research purposes.

  2. Damn if I had boobs like her I’d do the same thing.

  3. ? Few views and none comments? ill do it then :
    That’s some high quality boobs right there! more of these videos please 🙂 

  4. She was walking in front of kids and stuff that’s disgusting 

  5. Clothes are just too damn expensive in this global economic pyramid/ponzi
    slavery scheme

    With paint you can get any kind of shirt / pants no problem [ guys be
    cautious of random boners ofc though ]

  6. How is this not taken down yet? I thought that nude videos were not allowed
    on YouTube.

  7. make “girl walks around nyc with no clothes on PAINTED ON EVERYTHING”

  8. She painted herself black where are all the sensitive people that usually
    call this racist?

  9. Funny enough this is NOT NYC But Frederiksberg located in the middle of
    Copenhagen in Denmark.. Why are you lying in the title?

  10. wtf bitch u shouldnt do this this world is getting worser omg u fucking son
    of a bitch u cunt

  11. like 40 years ago womens claimed to be feminist by wearing no bra… is
    this the next step?

  12. Omg that’s sooo fucking
    Fuck I am fuckin speechless 

  13. What the fuck is this shit about? She walks around NYC topless and gets
    some looks yay

  14. i was laughing so hard of the peoples faces haha there face mad my dad

  15. Eeehm… That’s not NYC ? That’s Copenhagen in DENMARK ! Look at the
    licenseplates on the cars and the signs saying “ensrettet (one way)” ?

  16. 1:59 Guy on the right totally noticed it. Just look at him acting all
    nervous and stuff, AAAAND he make sure that he keeps behind her from a
    little distance.

  17. How am I supposed to fapp to dis when its all fast and shit

  18. Another girl did this in a video without a thong…Crazier!!

  19. Anyone else notice that dude creepin behind her in the end?

  20. They should watch what type of neighborhoods she walks through if they ever
    do that again. I mean the hood or something because I can guarantee she
    would be raped

  21. yea lets speed it up so nobody can actually see her ass or peoples
    reactions, whoever made this video is a fucking idiot…

  22. erm ? but she’s not naked is she ? she is wearing a g-string 

  23. Oh god will you slow this video down for christ sake, I feel like I just
    took cocaine.

  24. The camera man in the back be like “fap fap fap fap fap fap!!”

  25. Uhh they would notice her Booty shaking and the paint didn’t cover her
    whole butt. WHAT DID I JUST WATCH!

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