Some cool bodypaint 2012 images:

bodypaint 2012
Image by uubergeek

FF photo-shoot 3
bodypaint 2012
Image by greyloch
A photo with all the cosplayers together.

I’m semi-amused at the gender switches for Mole-Man (yep, that’s woman) and Silver Surfer (nice bikini and great body-paint).

Tech stuff: cropped down the photo (A LOT!); dropped the exposure on the background (masked out all of the people, uh… cosplayers); used Topaz Adjust to "Smooth & Flatten" the background to subtly make it a bit more two-dimensional while keeping the cosplayers three-dimensional.

Comments, critiques, and feedback are welcome.

UPDATE I am honored to say that this photo was featured in "A Compendium of Cool Comics Cosplay: March 2nd (2012)" article on weekly cool cosplays. Thanks Gamma Squad Cosplay!!!

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