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Question by God’s (christian) beliver: How do I airbrush T-shirts and truker hats?
What do I need to get to make airbrush t-shirts and trucker hats? And how much does it usually cost to get an airbrush kit? does it come with colors?

And How do I make them? Pleas tell how and give me some tutorial sites

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Answer by CURIOUS
in my home town we have a mall that does it. You should check around and get tips from people who are already in the buisness. Good Luck!

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  1. First, you’re gonna need an airbrush. Iwata (a manufacturer) makes an airbrush that’s well suited to t-shirt application…the Eclipse. It’s a double action (very important) and comes in both a gravity feed, or a siphon feed. I am unsure of the price, for either the airbrush alone, or if a ‘kit’ exists.
    I’d check out Coast Airbrush ( they’re knowledgeable folks, and very helpful. The magazine Airbrush Action ( has demo’s by Terry Hill and other well known t-shirt artists. You could check out for archived demo’s.
    Bear Air ( or Dixie Art supplies ( as well as Coast airbrush may have kits for you to buy. The only hitch I can see, is getting a compressor or airsource that will keep up with the necessary (roughly) 60 psi to propel the paint used for this type of painting (something like Createx Textile paint. For the hats you may need to get a catalyst to increase the adhesion of the paint to a synthetic surface (trucker hats are typically never cotton).
    Good luck…now go throw some paint.

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