Airbrushing T Shirts from home with no heat press here is a way to heat set your shirts. Please visit for free airbrush lessons and tutorials.
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  1. My iron does not have temperature numbers, what setting is 300 degs?

  2. How long should you work the iron over the shirt and can you go too long with it? I’ve had problems with my artwork washing away and now that I’m selling shirts, I need to make sure people don’t return them because of fading.

  3. do not iron polyester! oh my gosh my entire 10 hour project melted before my eyes!

  4. i;ve tried heat setting this way and still washes out the paint sometimes. i usually turn the shirt inside out and iron the reverse side with the iron set on cotton (or high), and have had more success. anyone know a good top coat that doesnt need to be heat set?

  5. HI that I’m not sure of as I’ve only used airbrush textile colors and have no experience with Cretin ink sorry.

  6. Very useful informative video.
    I was wondering if you can use this Creatin ink on polyester suit covers?

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