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Video Rating: 4 / 5 Jimi Hendrix T-Shirt Airbrush Tutorial – Eddie Davis.

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  1. Can’t decide if I like the feather or not, but that was a great story! Wish
    I had friends who took such an interest.

  2. title should include “teaser” at the end since this isn’t the whole tut.
    🙁 Nice control and clearly the pain is very smooth and not drying
    instantly. I didn’t see him pull the needle tip one time. Makes the job
    crazy easier.

  3. I’ve been airbrushing for over 27 years. My advice, STAY AWAY from gravity
    feed airbrushes. Use bottle feed. You get a much faster color change and
    less waste. Use a 5mm tip and needle and run your airbrush at 40psi.

  4. when people say ‘JUST like that’…it’s not just like that man. 

  5. painting art on the wall it’s importing a long time to traine

  6. I suck at drawing, does that mean if I wanted to start air brushing I would
    suck at that too? 

  7. i dont see any reason for a black shadow around the feather…especially on
    the topside of the feather. it just looks weird.

  8. Can you make me a cheasy as fuck “SMELL LIKE A BEACH” on like a brick wall

  9. What is the best thing to put inside the t shirt when airbrushing it
    please. xx

  10. Jimi’s portrait was enough, all the extra shit just makes it look

  11. wasn’t it “Castles Made Of Sand”? either way it looks great!

  12. can i ask,when your using a textile paint do you need to put something to
    mix on it

  13. Castles in the sand? Suprised he didn’t write Billy Hendrix on the bottom.
    lol nice work!

  14. white in the coronas…bc jimi’s ya know…. um…. experienced!!!! Friggin

  15. CorelDraw x6 5mins from a jimi hendrix photo i had the same stencil as you
    on mylar a4 laser cut super easy

  16. can someone please tell which paint you usee and where i can get it o:)

  17. castles made of sand…. fall into the sea… eventually…

  18. really cool concept and good technique but, in my opinion, the tight pink
    in the lettering ruined it. it made the letters harder to read and it fucks
    with the eyes lol. from my experience with tattooing the lettering should
    be the easiest to read part of any design.

  19. I thought that was amazing!! |8-3D
    This is a happy face ^

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