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by Lohan Gunaweera

Hand Painted Silk Scarves Versus the Designer Alternative

When we decide to invest in a new silk scarf, there is, of course, an enormous range of products to choose from.  At the lower end of the market price-wise, there are either plain-colored women’s silk scarves or those with machine-printed designs, and these can be found at huge numbers of retail outlets.  Next, there are the designer labeled silk scarves such as those bearing the names of Chanel, Gucci, Hermes and the like.  Whilst these also typically carry printed designs, as you might expect, they sell for considerably more than their unbranded equivalents, simply because of the name and sometimes because there is a small element of individual craftsmanship which goes into them, although this is normally just limited to something like the hand-stitching around the edge of the scarf for instance.

The other types of women’s silk scarves that you will also find on the market are those which are hand painted.  Now, although it might seem natural to assume that these particularly stunning accessories which have received so much of the artist’s skill, creativity, time and attention would command the highest prices of all, in many cases they actually sell for similar prices to the designer labeled ones, and in some cases even less.

With the prices being so similar, it seems sensible to ask the question as to what the real differences are between spending your money on a brand named silk scarf as opposed to a hand painted one.  The first thing, of course, about designer silk scarves is that what you get is an accessory which looks absolutely identical to literally thousands and thousands of others.  Within days of flicking through a magazine and seeing all the big celebrities sporting the latest design, women flock to get their hands on it and the result is that they all end up looking like clones of one another.  With a hand painted silk scarf, on the other hand, you are buying a design which is totally unique and which speaks to your own individuality.

Another major difference between designer silk scarves and hand painted ones lies in the range of choice.  You might find a design that you like, for example, but the color might not be suitable.  With so many beautiful and original designs to choose from in the handmade collections, however, you can select exactly the pattern and the shades to suit your taste and your outfits.

Despite the fact that designer labeled women’s scarves may use good quality silk, the mere fact that the designs are printed rather than hand painted means that they can only ever really be considered to be inferior in terms of quality.  The magnificent workmanship which goes into handmade silk scarves really makes them stand out as luxury items, and anyone who wears them is sure to look the height of sophisticated elegance.

Silk scarves are not things that women invest in every day of the week and of course if we are going to spend our hard-earned cash on a special treat such as this, we want to get the very best value for money.  Most would agree that a luxurious hand painted women’s scarf represents a much better investment and makes a far bigger statement.


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